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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year

Dear Family and Friends,

OK! I know now that I'm never going to get caught up on my posting so I just need to get over it and move on!

Let's just do the quick version... Christmas was great - Sophie really got into the opening packages thing but is still more interested in playing with my pots, pans and plastic containers than she is with her toys!

New Year's Day was uneventful since I had to work that day.

We completed our final post placement visit for China! That means no more visits from the social worker - something we are actually quite sad about since she has become such an important part of our lives. We hope to be able to keep in touch from time to time. Sophie will get one more chance to visit with her when we go to court next month to complete the re-adoption process here in the Commonwealth.

OK -that's it for the update - now the current things.

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! This is now the Year of the Ox. We have done some decorating and had a fun party here on Saturday. This was originally planned as our Christmas party for friends from church, but had to post pone it when we got those storms in December. I made sweet and sour chicken, fake "chicken fried rice" (made it regular rather than fried), mini egg rolls, pot sticker wontons and we had fortune cookies! Everyone seemed to enjoy it and I hope to continue the tradition annually. I need to look at Oriental Trading for some bargains to plan for next year.

I'll post some new pictures soon.

Chinamom and Sophie


Shawnstribe said...

Happy Forever Family Day and Chinese New Year!!!!
I still love looking at the cake photos on your side bar : )

Kim said...

:pictures:pictures:pictures (that's me chanting)