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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Is it Spring yet?

Dear Family and Friends,
This has been such a long winter. I'm so ready for it to be Spring! (I'm really waiting for summer, but I'll settle for Spring for now!!)

We are finally mostly recovered from the flu at our house. I was out of work most of the week before last, then Sophie was sick. We have both made great gains, but are easily fatigued and find ourselves sleeping lots more than usual.

Sophie is now crawling! She is such a dainty crawler! I've never seen anything quite like it. She takes these tiny little "steps" on her knees, it's too cute. I need to pull out the video camera!

We are doing much better at church these days. Today she made it almost through the entire service which is no easy feat given our service is over an hour and a half long! Not bad for a little girl who missed her morning nap.

Here a are a few more pictures for you to see how much she has grown in the last two months!

Being goofy!

Sophie and Cousin Ian in the snow-mom was working

Ian, Haley and Sophie

Resurrection Sunday at Memere's house!
Hope all of you are well - we will write again soon,
Chinamom and Sophie

Thursday, March 13, 2008

China revisited

Dear Family and Friends,

Just a quick note to say hello - I haven't forgotten about everyone, I just can't seem to get enough sleep these days. Spring (or even Spring like) weather is difficult for me as it marks the beginning of allergy season which lasts until the first frost. Right now I'm really suffering. I'm so tired at night that I go to bed shortly after the baby!

Yesterday I received my box of pictures which included those from China! Yes, it is possible to upload 1,300 pictures to Snapfish! granted it took literally 8 hours to do it, but it CAN be done! As I watched some of the photos appear on the website, I was transported back to that amazing trip of a lifetime! I still can't believe I actually stood on the Great Wall of China! I can't wait to take Sophie there one day. I was just reading in one of my adoption magazines that you should try to take that kind of a trip when kids are between the ages of 8-14. That seems to be the age they are curious about where they come from and are old enough to appreciate the story.

I would love to re-create that journey with her (and of course adding a few side trips as well). I do want her to see the place she lived in for the first year of her life. Hopefully some of the same orphanage nannies will still be there. I would love to meet her "special" nanny who loves my Sophie so much.

I need to close for now. Bedtime calls! I hope to add new pictures this weekend to update you all!

Chinamom and Sophie

Monday, March 3, 2008

March already?

Dear Family and Friends,

Where has the time gone? I can't believe we are already starting the month of March! I am certainly ready for winter to be gone!

Sophie has changed so much since coming home. She is still a tall, skinny thing - we see the pediatrician this week so I will update you with her new stats later this week. Her hair is filling in - getting longer at the sides. Her personality continues to bloom. She is a funny girl who loves to laugh. She especially enjoys making her mother laugh - something I do daily!

She is sleeping much better at night. We finally figured out the change in her diet is giving her excessive gas which makes her belly hurt. Since giving her gas drops throughout the day, this has solved the problem! Now mom wakes up at 3 am because she DOESN'T hear the baby! What's with that??? lol.

She is trying so hard to crawl - she just can't seem to get that little bottom of hers up high enough to get her knees under her! She is now standing quite well - last week was the first major incident - she was at Auntie Terry's while Mom was at work. She was trying to stand by herself using the coffee table for support. She came tumbling down and caught her chin on the table - yes, I hear there was blood, but fortunately that cleared quickly and there are no lasting scars - except maybe the new gray hairs Auntie Terry has!

She is also trying to be more verbal. She now says "Momma"! At least she will when she feels like it! That and "Oh Oh" are the only English words I can make out! She still speaks a lot of what I affectionately call "baby Chinese". She now gives me kisses almost all the time I ask for them, and even gives me some on her own! She is learning the ropes though! Tonight I was trying to be stern when she did something wrong and the little imp leaned over and gave me a kiss! Talk about having problems with discipline!!! I'm really in for it now!

Here are few more of my favorite pictures!

This is how she gets onto her belly! She does the splits, brings her face/belly to the floor, then sweeps her legs off to the side until they are behind her! I think she could easily be a gymnast or a Chinese acrobat!

The mandatory funky hair in the bathtub shot!

Hey! Where are you going???? (Memere's cat makes the big escape!)

Need to run for now. I hope you enjoy the update!


Chinamom and Sophie