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Happy Birthday Sophie

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Sunday, June 15, 2008


Dear Family and Friends,

Life here is always interesting - not as interesting as others (Kim), but interesting nonetheless!
Looks like I will get Sophie to Disney World sooner than I thought - thanks Kim! Kim and Natalie (Natlee, as Sophie calls her) have persuaded us to move up our Disney trip to next September. We may still go with my brother and his family, but as we don't know when they will be going yet, it may mean we will go to Florida twice next year (finances permitting!)
Last weekend it was extremely hot here in New England. Temps into the mid to upper 90's. I bought Sophie a little pool to put out on the side porch and she loved it! I blew it up in the kitchen and she took it for a test nap before we got it outside with water! Isn't she the cutest?

Strike a pose!!

She had spaghetti and meat sauce for the first time this week! She loved it! Not as much sauce as some adventurous moms would have put on, but it worked for her! She had spaghetti every where!

One physical therapists at work gave me a HUGE bag of clothing - all 18-24 month sizes - most of which I can use for summer. Being that Sophie is such a little peanut (weight, not height), I may get another summer out of some of them so maybe I won't need to buy much for next year! This outfit I use for bedtime, but it is the cutest and I just needed to get some pictures!

Yesterday she went to a birthday party and bonded with the clown!

Finally, tonight, she helped Momma by emptying out the paper shredder! She used it for decorating her little buggy! She has a certain talent for decorating, I think!

Chinamom and Sophie

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some Summertime Goodness

Dear Family and Friends,

Can it be that summer is finally here in New England? It's been a bit of a tease with the weather, but it seems that we will be into that awesome summer heat in just a few days! Time to pull out that air conditioner for night time sleeping.

Sophie's doctor appointment went well! She has gained another pound or so and tops the scale at 23.3 pounds (the 33d percentile). She continues to grow like a weed and is nearly 34 inches tall - the 96th percentile!! The doctor predicts she could be as tall as her mother by the time she grows to adulthood (I'm 5'8").

We have 3 birthday parties for her to attend this month - I don't know how she will do, but it will be fun to see!

Kim - got your message - I think it would be wonderful to get as many of the Jiangxi Babies in Disney World as possible next year! What a blast that would be! I can't wait to get to the point of actually booking things.

Here are a few more pictures for you to see her progress and personality!

Do I look cool in these shades??

Getting ready for a wagon ride with Uncle Ivan!

I love, love, love watermelon!

Down to the rind!

My Lady Bug raincoat!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures - talk to y0u soon
Chinamom and Sophie