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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Crazy Busy

Dear Family and Friends,

Life is crazy busy in our house!

We have finished all of the requirements for follow up with China and for the state! Last Friday was our re-adoption day! It was great!

Sophie ran the show in the courtroom. When they let us into the courtroom, while we were waiting for the judge, Sophie made a bee line to his desk and proceeded to wrap herself up with the flag next to the desk! We have some cute photos of her standing by the flag and the judge bending down to talk to her. He was GREAT! Kept everything informal.

I've been very busy with my volunteer work with Love Without Boundaries. I've been named coordinator for one of the new programs called Formula to Any Orphanage Program. Basically, you can arrange to have a case of baby formula sent to the orphanage of your choice and if you have a child from the orphanage, we will send photos and a personal message to the orphanage. If there are any families interested in this program, you can read more about it at:

Or if you would like to make a donation to the general fund you can do so via this link:

Anything you can give will be multiplied tenfold once it reaches China.

I'll post pictures separately,

Chinamom and Sophie

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dingxi Social Welfare Institute

Dear Family and Friends,

I am THRILLED to report that through the efforts of one of my Yahoo groups, we have been able to get committments of $50/month in support for this orphanage! Only $50/month left to raise! God is so wonderful - I know He will speak to some of you out there to commit to the rest! PRAISE GOD for His faithfulness!

I am adding the information below in the hopes that some of you will find it in your hearts to help the orphans in China. Although the situation there is better than it once was, for many of these smaller and poorer orphanages the situation is simply a matter of life and death for these babies.

Think about it: for a TOTAL of $100/month the children of an ENTIRE orphanage will have had their lives improved ten fold! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.. help these babies. $100! How many times have we spent this amount on things that are so meaningless in life?

****Folks, I am a nutrition coordinator for Love Without Boundaries. One of the SWIs assigned to me is Dingxi. The current report was depressing -the babies are not doing well, in fact two babies died! And the pictures! Oh, these babies need help!

I currently sponsor a child's education but am now also going to support the Dingxi Nutrition program. There are not a lot of adoptions from this orphanage so there's not a Yahoo orphanage group to appeal to so here I am appealing to you.... Was your child adopted from Dingxi? Would you like to help the orhans left in China? Can you spare $10 or $20 a month sponsorship?How about $5 a month? We're trying to find $100 a month sponsorship for this SWI. If 20 of us donate $5 a month, we're there!

If we don't raise this sponsorship LWB will have to remove this SWI from its nutrition program after the July shipment since there is currently too few donations coming for this program - please don't let that happen!

If you cannot at this time pledge a monthly amount, could you do a one time donation? Or do you know someone who might be interested in a sponsorship? Do you know any groups looking for a charity to donate their fundraising to? Any help is most appreciated!!! To donate, you can donate securely on-line at the LWB site:

Choose Nutrition for the Category and in the note please say that the donation is for the Dingxi Nutrition program.

If you have any questions, please let me know! Thank you!!!!! MaryHelen *****

I will be happy to forward any questions you have to MaryHelen.

Thank you for looking at this,

Chinamom and Sophie