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Happy Birthday Sophie

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Now PLEASE don't you all fall over your chairs when you see I have updated the blog! It's taken me a whole year to think of things to say!

Sophie is now 3 1/2 - she likes to tell everyone the "half" part! She is growing like a weed and ever so beautiful. I will post photos later - I have a problem with my printer downloading photos which a large reason why I stopped blogging.

Last year we made 2 trips to Disney World. The first trip was end of August to meet up with another family who's daughter is also from Jiangxi. I was scheduled to travel with them but when my referral was delayed, they ended up traveling about a month before me. The girls hit it off and had a blast! Thanks Kim and Natalie!

Our second trip was more of a birthday celebration. My brother, sister in law and their kids were there for vacation and had a large suite at Animal Kingdom Lodge. My niece's birthday is 6 days before Sophie and we decided to celebrate them together! (Thanks Gilly for letting us intrude on your birthday party!). We had lunch at the Crystal Palace and all the Winnie the Pooh characters came out while the staff sang Happy Birthday to the girls with a Micky birthday cake! The real fun was waiting for them back at the resort. We arranged for Mickey and the gang to come by while we were at the park and they decorated the room and left lots of special birthday gifts for them! They had a blast! Thank you Uncle Paul and Auntie Nancy for letting us intrude on your vacation time!

Sophie talks about going back to "Dinny World" nearly every day and I have hopes we can swing a trip to see some friends in Florida and stay with them so we can sneak a day trip or two to the parks come next Spring!

That's it for the moment. I will post again and get those photos up for you all.


Chinamom and Sophie

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